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What is Wet Plate?


Félix Tournachon (Nadar)
“Pierrot Running”

When thinking about what to call the production company, I went back to my start in the art world and my obsession with photography.

Although I never practiced wet plate photography, a 19th-century technique, there was nevertheless something magical associated with the old dark room practice. I wanted my films to be like a wet plate photograph: singular, meticulously crafted, revelatory.

Some of the first photographs ever produced were wet plate images, including Nadar’s portraits of Pierrot the mime, taken in the 1850s.

Nadar’s portraits were not just playful experiments in his atelier; they served as advertisements for his own wet plate studio.

With the company’s feel set, the extraordinary Ariel Harari agreed to design my logo, and after learning the embarrassing truth of my having been a child ventriloquist, we turned the lovable mime into a marionette.

Wet Plate Studios was born!

– Sam Vladimirsky, Founder

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